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Checklist of Records for Turnover from Developer to Community Association.

Legal Documents

  • Recorded Articles of Incorporation
  • Recorded Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (also called the Master Declaration of CC&R's)
  • Bylaws (Signed Copy by original Secretary. Sometimes these are also recorded as Exhibits to the CC&R's)
  • Recorded Supplementary CC&R's (also Annexation Documents of "Notice of Addition of Territory") for a Phased development
  • Recorded Condominium Plan (if a condominium development)
  • Final Subdivision Report (also called a "white report" or "public report") for each phase of a development issued by the Department of Real Estate
  • Common Area Grant Deeds (once recorded), if any
  • Any "Agreement" between the developer and the association such as Subsidy or Maintenance Agreements
  • Copies of Bonds naming the association as the beneficiary
  • Sequence Listing (Street Addresses by Phase)
  • Phasing Schedule or Plan
  • Tract/Parcel Map for entire development
  • Project Plot Plan
  • Recorded Notices of Completion (if applicable)
  • Corporate Minute Book and Corporate Seal
  • Organizational Minutes of the Association
  • Minutes of Meetings held by the developer acting as the Board of Directors
  • Exterior Color Schedule (for Architectural controls) for each phase
  • Association sub-contractor list
  • Landscape/Irrigation/Fencing plans (if applicable)
  • Name of Master Insurance Policy holder for association
  • Name of Directors & Officers Insurance Policy holder for association
  • Name of Fidelity Insurance Policy holder for association
  • Name of Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy holder for association
  • Architectural Guidelines and Standards (in addition to those in the CC&R's), if any
  • Rules and Regulations which have been established, if any
  • Existing maintenance contracts for the association such as landscaping, pool/spa, security, etc. 
  • All manufacturer's warranties and/or maintenance manuals for common area equipment, such as pumps, motors, filters, etc., if any

Financial Documents

  • Assessments Collected (if any)
  • Established Operating and Reserve Bank Accounts (if any)
  • Current association financial statements (if any)
  • Schedule of assessments for phased projects (if applicable)
  • Schedule of developer payments for assessments, subsidy payments, etc.  
  • Association Federal and/or State Tax Returns filed (if any)
  • Department of Real Estate (DRE) Budgets for all phases of a development with the attached Form 624-A
  • Fiscal Year-End for the Association (reflected in the organizational minutes of the association)
  • Tax Identification Number (IRS Form SS-4), if received
  • Federal Exemption Form-3500, if applied for
  • Copy of Statement by Domestic Non-profit Corporation filed with the Secretary of State (Form 100)
  • Notification of and schedule of Capital Contribution Amount by the developer (if applicable)
  • Any invoices for the association such as insurance premiums
  • Paid bills, bank statements, etc. (if any)
  • Any additional financial information if applicable

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